ILM Favorite - Jawa Scavbike

Paul massey jawabike final
ILM Challenge - Jawa Scavbike
Paul massey jawabike roughs
ILM Challenge - Jawa Scavbike

One of my submissions for 'The Ride' challenged. This concept was chosen as one of the ILM Favorites, which I still can't quite believe. I'm too busy smiling.
When something stops and breakdown, or when something drops from the sky, the first Jawas there get the pick of the scrap. Some of it they may be able to bolt onto their mobile scrapheaps/scavbikes. Very fast, twitchy, prone to exploding due to ill fitting and pre-damaged parts. Modelled in Cinema4D, Jawa was roughed out in ZBrush. Octane rendered, with paint over in Photoshop.