ILM Art Challenge - DD/3

Paul massey dd 3 kf
ILM Challenge - DD3 Keyframe
Paul massey dd 3 sheet02
ILM Challenge - DD3 Expressions sheet
Paul massey dd3 03
ILM Challenge - DD3
Paul massey 11122 14 d5b716d84130310728046eeb6ca86be9 zeclipse
ILM Challenge - DD3 initial concepts
Paul massey 11122 15 692a11e52236d66d9b2418693814611f zeclipse
ILM Challenge - DD3 v2 initial concepts

This is my submission for the Droid design section of the ILM Art Dept Challenge.

The brief said he should be like R2's little bro', his sidekick, but he's a little annoying, a touch feisty.
My idea was to back engineer BB-8 by 40 years, and have him based on his larger sibling. But rather than being an Astromech, this guy is designed to work with Armored units and artillery.

All modelled in Cinema 4D and rendered with C4D's Sketch & Toon and Octane Render. A little post work in Photoshop.